Horleys Halal Protein Powder Supplement Malaysia


Horleys halal logo AISMany of us are looking for workout proteins that are Halal certified. However, there aren’t many. Horleys is one of few companies that manufacture halal proteins. Horleys products are now halal certified by Al Iman Islamic Society Inc (A.I.S), a recognized body by JAKIM (Recognized Foreign Halal Certification 2015) . Please take note that not all products are certified halal. Please see the tables below for a complete list of halal certified products. Alternatively, you can look for the halal logo picture on the product page. If there is a logo, it means that the particular product is halal. If there is no logo, it is not certified halal.



If you have any other queries you can always check for confirmation by sending Horleys NZ an email:


Below is a scan of the new 2016-2017 halal certification as provided by Horleys New Zealand.

Horleys HALAL CERTIFICATE-2016 to 2017-1

Horleys HALAL CERTIFICATE-2016 to 2017-2

Horleys HALAL CERTIFICATE-2016 to 2017-3

Horleys HALAL CERTIFICATE-2016 to 2017-4


List of halal certified products:

**Please note that weight gainer is also halal certified but not included in the list above because it is a Malaysia only product.