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Horleys 100 Whey Vanilla 0.34kg TubHorleys 100% Whey is a form of protein made from pure whey concentrate. It is high in protein, has low carbohydrates, for a lean body nutrition. Horleys 100% Whey is a premium quality protein powder supplement in this industry.

If you are a sports person, a gym goer, or a person who just needs to fulfill their body’s daily protein necessity, Horleys 100% Whey is the perfect nutritional supplement you need. If you are a bodybuilder during the off season and would like to maintain your masses, 100% Whey is also suitable.

People who are involved in moderate to high intensity workout or exercises can benefit greatly with the additional protein intake due to the increase protein requirements. Horleys 100% Whey contains protein concentrates that are naturally complete, a superior source of easily absorbed protein and contains essential amino acids that are highly bio-available. For the fastest and purest protein on earth, check out Horleys ICE Whey, and if you are on a lower budget, try Horleys Crossfire Protein for a premium protein blend.



The recommended maximum intake by Horleys is 3 servings a day. Just pour one serve of 100% Whey into a shaker and you get your protein shake ready for consumption. If a shaker is unavailable, just stirring is sufficient.

– You can have if before or after a workout, or between meals to repair and build muscle tissue.

– recovery from illness and injury

– to modify diet plan to a richer protein and lesser carbohydrates.

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100%Whey is available in a 340g (13 serve) tub in two great flavours: Chocolate & Vanilla and a 700g (26 serve) tub in Chocolate



Vanilla flavour : Ultrafiltered Whey Protein Concentrate (97%), Flavours, Thickeners (466, 415), Artificial Sweetener (955).

Contains Milk & Soy products. Halal certified.



 Average Quantity*  per 26g serve   per 100g
 Energy  446kJ (107cal)  1715kJ (410cal)
 Protein  20.1g  77.4g
 Fat Total  1.8g  7.0g
 Saturated  1.3g  4.9g
 Carbohydrate Total  2.1g  8.2g
 Sugars  1.5g  5.9g
 Sodium  47mg  181mg
 Potassium  194mg  747mg
 Calcium  103mg  398mg
 Essential Amino Acids  11223mg  43165mg
 Branch Chain Amino Acids  4943mg  19012mg

* Vanilla flavour

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Horleys 100 Whey Chocolate 0.7kg Tub Horleys 100 Whey Vanilla 0.34kg Tub