Horleys Protein Products Malaysia

There is a product in Horleys Elite Range of Protein supplements that can take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Developed for hard-training athletes and body builders, Horleys protein products Malaysia offer you a superior selection of the purest ingredients in quality guaranteed formulations.


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  • All products are true to lable – what is on the pack is in the product
  • New Zealand is a world leader in producing highly advance, functional dairy ingredients – Horleys products use NZ and casein proteins.
  • Horleys products do not contain any ingredients or substances currently on the banned lists of world governing sports authorities
  • A commitment to education – we give priority to providing complete and accurate nutritional information so consumers can achieve their sport or fitness goals.
  • We use an independent laboratory to verify the accuracy of our product labels.
  • Quality guaranteed – Horleys products are manufactured in export-quality approved production facilities.
  • We are natural – our company supports natural bodybuilding and drug-free competition.
  • Horleys products are based on credible research findings and firmly established sports nutrition principles and practices.